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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eve Of Destruction


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  2. A 'TeamTrump' manager just told me there has been two recent attempt upon the Donald...
    my response: "Why get an outsider to give a second opinion? Near 100% of CIA guys suffer from 'group think', IMO. They all think alike mostly. Most police/military is like that. Very predictable. For example, don't you know that the bad guys have an 'ear' in nearly every pocket of Trump's family? Unless of course, like Merkel everyone now has specialized 'crypto chipped' phones. How do you know CIA ops are not compromized? Doesn't everyone who pays attention know CIA runs most of the Cartels? Didn't I hear that a Cartel boss recently put a $100 million price on Donald? I know a few people who could go on for hours like this."

    CIA is doing a half-ass job IMO. I'd like to recommend you to them. Think you'd like to help?