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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Enemy Is At Our Gates

The Enemy is at our gates

Russian and Chinese Nuclear Armed Submarines are not only inside our Coastal Waters they are next to some very key harbors - like New York Harbor, Seattle Harbor, etc.

So - how did we get hear and what do I do????

The Enemy Is At Our Gates - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Senate Democrat: Putin Moves Nuclear Subs 'Dangerously Close' to US

Home | U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut

Russia Sails New Nuclear Submarine While U.S. Continues Fleet Delays

Submarine Strength Strength by Country

No. 445: SPECIAL COMMENTARY - Review of Economic, Systemic-Solvency, Inflation, U.S. Dollar and Gold Circumstances

chart of us trade deficit by year - Google Search

Caught On Tape: "Enormous Crowds" Of Unemployed Chinese Miners Take To The Streets, Clash With Riot Police | Zero Hedge

500 riot police vs Roma: Broken gas pipe results in tense standoff in central Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT News

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