Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Alert: President Rushed To Bunker

President Trump was apparently rushed to a bunker yesterday after a shoot out in, or near, the White House between his Marine Guards and the Secret Service.

Further - a group of 50 FBI Agents were ushered into the Central Bank yesterday to take it down and they were promptly arrested and sent to GITMO.

If they had been successful the President would be dead and all of the banks, ATM and Credit Cards would have been destroyed.

As you recall - We warned the President of this attempt in October. You can't get much more loyal that that -- can you?

More on our Video: Stunning: President Rushed To Underground Bunker - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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  1. Good job Whitehats, thank you for taking good care of the president. Let the #MassArrests continue until the swamp is drained!

  2. clay feet are trying to get rid of Trump. We should realize that Trump is literally uprooting all of the evil sects/agendas that are being propagated by, (honestly) satanic minded individuals. This is more of a spiritual battle that anything. God Help him.