Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 - Economic Collapse, Reset, Military Tribunals

What I was shown for 2019 is not good for the average American

This nation, and this planet, will now be humbled as the Elites are dealt with. So GOD has said it, so it shall be.

As this nation is humbles so will it's leaders in the Financial and Political Realms.

If President Trump clears the swamp GOD'S WAY the elites will melt away.

If he does it his way it will turn into a Knock Down Drag Out Fight.

Video: (557) 2019 - Economic Collapse, Reset and Tribunals - - YouTube

Please pray for President Trump's Safety ass the elites will try to kill him a dozen or more times.

Already we have elucidated 5 more hits against our President just in January, Feb and March of this year. If President Trump wishes the entire year on a Calendar then we will give it to him - but that far out there are changes to the schedule and updates will need to be added as time moves forward.


The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B,. Mount

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