Friday, December 8, 2017

VA Hires Convicted Felons As Doctors

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(193) VA Hires Convicted Felons As Doctors, Gold Backed Yuan Hits Saturday - YouTube

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The VA Hospitals are now hiring Convicted Felons as Doctors according to a recent USA Today investigation.

Doctors guilty of Mal-Practice over and over again, Burglary, Sexual Misconduct, Reckless Driving Leading Resulting In Death and Drug Dealing, and incompetence leading to the Permanent Paralization of Patients are now being hired as Doctors at the VA.

What further complicates their Hiring is the fact that they have hired Foreigners who speak little English, put them through a 20 hour training course, and give them a 100 page book to read and then the declare them as “VA Doctors” - paying them in excess of $250,000 per year to see patients and issue drugs.

These VA Doctors are not licensed in any state to practice Medicine but do so under the umbrella of the Private foreign Owned Corporation know as the Veteran’s Administration and are liable for malpractice individually under USC 42.

About 4 years ago we got to see on of these “Foreigner Wonder Doctors” who had apparently not finished reading her 100 Page Doctor’s Book. She had a hard time reading English and therefore was unable to read my medical history while we were in her office.

Let me describe this "VA Wonder Doctor"  to you:

"""She was thin, about 30 and had long black boots on up to her knew and a Red Dress that went half way up her thighs and her breasts were mostly exposed. All of her patients were males and when My wife Jane walked in with me she literally choked. In other worlds - she was dressed like a Moscow Whore and Jane literally caused her to choke. The fact that she could not read English was not surprising as she ordered an MRI. When asked why she stumbled with words. Visiting this "Wonder Doctor" was a complete waste of time."""

Further - Nurses - mostly Foreigners - are given 10 hours of training and a much smaller book to read and then they are declared as “VA Nurses.”

Again - these “10 Hour Wonder Nurses” are not licensed in any state but practice under the Umbrella of the VA.

They have had no medical training - only training on how to use the Computer to issue drugs.

What is sad - is that there are so many good people working at the VA and DAV trying to help our veterans.

It’s just the top 3 layers that seem to be rotten to the core.

This is a sad state of affairs for our Veterans and Reservists (Treated at the VA) and the US Military will has had a hard time recruiting anyone now that this has gone public.
Please pray that these “Wonder Doctors and Nurses” and those doctors guilty of Burglary and Murder are also fired immediately.


The New Chinese Gold Backed Yuan goes on line Saturday.

Exactly how this will effect the US Dollar is yet unknown so please pray that President Trump can give the US a very soft landing.

In a very Private Conversation by someone very high up in intelligence - we are told that the economic disruptions to the US will be limited but food prices will begin to go up very fast by January.


President Trump is now working very hard to eliminate this ISIS CRISIS.

As they are being defeated Worldwide these forces are accumulating in southern Libya  where there is nothing but sand and a few wells.

Further - China is now moving there Military into not only Syria but also Libya and Yemen to stabilize their government and their Oil Production as China now begins to step up to the plate and take on their role to assist President Trump in ending these worthless world wide squabbles.

As we have stated earlier - the Frazzled Rat led a charge to eliminate the leader of Libya and sell arms through Benghazi to destroy the region in an attempt to prevent Libya from leading Africa in a Gold Backed Dollar and as a Food Producer.

As the New Emails clearly show - US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed because the weapons he sold out of Benghazi - he took the profits rather than giving  them to the Frazzled Rat.

Follow the money.

It’s all being exposed now - all we have been discussing - is now in the latest round of emails released into Wikileaks.

Every attempt Whack the last 3 Presidents, every attempt to start a full scale World Conflict by detonating a 100KT Firecracker on US Soil - every single sale of US Weapons to our friends in “ISIS” - it is now on Wikileaks.

Just line up our stories on TV, APFN, on You Tube, and a dozen other places, and it all lines up with the New Emails released to Wikileaks.


From the warnings we gave to Japan 48 hours before Fukushima on TV to the latest attempt on the President and Vice President over Thanksgiving - it is all coming out -- who, what, when, where, how and why.

GOD is never wrong.

For those of you in the Intelligence Community who have been stopping this madness - thank you. All you have done is now out there for the world to see on Wikileaks.

Please pray we can continue on You Tube in stopping these Madmen from destroying our planet.


The House passed a Stop Gap measure to continue funding the Government through December 22nd.

So - if a Budget was passed - why do we need a Stop Gap Measure to fund the Government through December 22nd?

Yeaaa - exactly.

More Mainstream Lies put out by none other than the SERCO Corporation - funded through the GSA using OUR Tax Dollars.


Every year the Santa Anna Winds hit Low Angeles Area and they break out with fires.

One can little describe the feeling one gets when you are on a fire line in this are and you have to run for your life.

I spent quite a few lifetimes in November 1980 - fighting fire after fire there. One learns to dig a hole very quickly and “Hunker Down.”

On several occasions we did just that as the fires raged across or Firelines and over our heads.

One day after eating lunch while resting we watched a 1,000 foot tall Fire Tornado race across the Valley Floor and up into the next mountain leaving a wall of fire as it swept the valley. All we firefighters could do was watch.

Everything in it’s path exploded into flames - including a 15,000 square foot home --- gone in 30 second - I actually timed it.

On another day on the 1980 Panorama Fire we found ourselves running for our lives. As we ran past a small housing development we saw folks on their roof with garden hoses. When we last saw the Housing Complex it was gone - it disintegrated in less that 5 minutes - all 50+ houses - gone - along with everyone who was there - just - vanished. Engulfed by the fire without a trace --- except a few Cement Foundations.

Later we drove by a vacant lot that had been a Junior College days before. Completely Destroyed down to it’s foundation.

I have been on allot of fires in my 7 years as a Forester - some were just a stump and others were  huge Fires Fires - but those in the Hot, Dry Los Angeles Area are by far the worst.

Please pray that those blocking the rains in southern California with Chem-Trails are neutralized immediately and please pray for Immediate Gentle Rains throughout the South Western US - especially in California.



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