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Sunday, October 1, 2017


First of all - thank you for being here and thank you for Get The Teas Gymnema, Colostrum and Life Change Tea - without them I would not be here today.

I was up until 4 AM in pain and thanks to these products (And Immusist) the pain subsided and I got a couple hours of sleep.

Ronnie from Get The Tea - Thank You for being there. This morning I will place another order.


(19) FBI Director Wray: FBI Is Nonfunctional - YouTube

In a stunning move yesterday the new director of the FBI Christopher Wray told the Russian Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov that the FBI is no longer functional.

Apparently this organization has become the world’s worst nightmare, led by a bunch of self seeking greedy murderers appointed by the last Presidential Regime.

On the bright side - President Trump is now in the process of either offering these leaders Immunity to testify about what is really going on or they will be fired and dealt with ever so harshly.

As for the “7th Floor Group” that was planning false flags with SERCO and Nelix - they were all fired abo0ut 3 weeks into the Trump Regime and are now all facing criminal charges for Treason.

Please keep in mind two facts:

1) It is Mueller and Comey - both former FBI Directors - that have been working towards a full scale World Wide Conflagration using 1,000 KT Firecrackers and those working with them in Congress will soon face Criminal Prosecution.

2) There are allot of good FBI folks that have been working with the Russian FSB to stop this coming total destruction of Humanity.

With President Trump in office we pray that he gets the assistance to put an and to the last 40 years of evil that has perpetrated America at every level.

As a sign of the FBI being non-functional a video has surfaced where the leaders of ANTIFA conspired to murder people and not only was the FBI not interested neither was FOX news.


1) Geo-engineering in the sky - more photos.

2) ANTIFA Terrorist funded by a Soros (Who is dead) NGO threaten to poison Baby Food.

If you see someone poisoning food - stand there and yell: Security and dial 911. The camera footage has more than likely identified the person already and you need to point out to the Grocery Store what has been poisoned.

Just scream: “Security” and dial 911.

3) The Health Care Rate Increases from $1,700/mo to $2,400/mo with a $1,000 Deductable this month are now all Trump’s Fault?

The President is drafting an Executive Order to deal with this mess.

Ta Da Trump

4) In Catalonia Spain the local Police are cracking down on the vote this morning.

What you are seeing is a FALSE FLAG to discourage people form voting.

Votes already turned in are 95% to pull away from Spain.

In 2014 their last vote was 80% to pull away from Spain.

Unfortunately, unlike the Former Soviet Union Nations, Catalonia does not have a treaty allowing  them Independence if the vote overwhelmingly for it.

5) NFL Viership is down - officially by 11% but other estimates put it at 50%.

6)  President Trump has de-funded another useless group of Bureaucrats called the Federal Labor Management Forum because they have accomplished absolutely nothing.

7)  Finally: The Department of Justice is serving Warrants to the Owners of Facebook to turn over the names and addresses of all those threatening Americans with violence.

Ta Da Trump

Please pray that the Housecleaning of these committing Treason against America is sped up.






This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


FBI Director Stunningly Tells Russia: “We Are No Longer Functional”

Undercover Antifa video unveils coordinated plans to trap conservatives in “kill zones” to be stabbed and murdered by deranged Left-wing weirdos –

Geoengineering Signs In The Sky – Shocking Never Before Seen Footage From Victurus Libertas. – InvestmentWatch
Germany supermarket extortionist 'poisoned baby food' - BBC News

Millions of Americans overburdened by Obamacare’s rate increases are about to be socked again, but the LA TIMES says it’s TRUMP’s fault –

World’s First Internet War Leaves Hundreds Bloodied On The Streets Of Spain

Pres. Trump Revokes Obama-Era Rule On Federal Labor-Management | One America News Network

DOJ Serves Warrants to Facebook Seeks Information on Possibly Violent Activist | One America News Network

World’s First Internet War Leaves Hundreds Bloodied On The Streets Of Spain


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