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Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Show In Vegas - It Ain't The Thunder from Down Under


  1. Can you please provide a valid link to the training exercise in Las Vegas?

  2. FEMA – US Homeland Security : They have meetings every day addressing “shooter” situations. There are anti terrorism events at schools every day. It is almost impossible NOT to find a day when there ARENT anti terrorism training events.

    The hotel has never had security for weapons apparently. The hotel says that it has never used metal detectors. So nothing was “smuggled”.

    Why did he have to be a “crackpot shot” ? He fired rounds into a crowd of Tens of thousands of people. You would have to be a crackpot shot to MISS people.

    Why were two windows shot out ? Let’s wait and see what the investigation says. Who knows – was the window shot in or out ?

    I watched two minutes of this conspiracy nonsense then gave up …