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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

US Intel Looses Control Of Computers



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Microsoft - a CIA owned and funded company - has Embedded a Back Door in every program they produce.

This back door allows both Microsoft and the CIA total access to both control and access all information on anything that is computerized - Your TV’s, Cell Phones, Computers, Cars, etc.

Last year the Kaspersky Computer Company managed to create a program that removes all of these nasty Embedded Programs and thus eliminates the ability of the CIA/NSA/FBI and any other ABC Corporation to spy on you.

According to Wikileaks and other sources this has caused complete turmoil within these Orwellian Agencies.

So what this means is that when you buy this new anti-virus program they loose the ability to control your computer.

Yesterday I downloaded the free Kaspersky onto my phone.

So apparently right before the last Presidential Election the Kaspersky Programs were loaded into these computers and the CIA lost total control of the elections.

((Also - the Virtual Shield we now pay for show us as being locate din Russia when we cruises the internet. The free ones do not work very well.))

This loss of control has apparently sent these Intelligence Agencies “”Caddywhompus Sideways To Sunday”” and they are now striking out against not only this Russian Company but Russia itself since all computers in Russia are now using this program.

CIA - Cowboy Shame Sh…it on you.

The Living GOD will now begin to peel your evil Intel Agencies apart layer by layer.

What is coming is from above is not meant to hurt you - but if you persist in your Evil Ways you will be taken off Planet Earth --- so GOD has said it, so it shall be.

You will not kill either President Putin or President Trump and you will not crack this planet in half.

(Comey, Mueller - You Are Being Watched)

Further - an attempt to use the Anarchy Film Festival in Helsinki to disrupt the meeting between top US and Russian Officials in a few hours will be met with Harshness from GOD.

Does the Living GOD make himself perfectly clear on these two items?


1) Current Solar Data shows the planet is about to get hit with a huge amount of Plasma from a huge X-Class Flare.

2) Here are the nations participating in CIA Torture.

3) Daimler Chrysler stated that the sales of their Electric Cars would dry up without Federal subsidies.

In 1910 Electric Cars had a range of 60 Miles.

Today the New Electric Cars have a range of 60 miles - 107 years later.

No conspiracy there.

In 2010 I had diner with the head of Ford Electric Cars and asked him why we were using batteries patented in 1859.

He got up, told the head of Ford Motor Company to “Get Lost, I quit %*$(“ …. came back to the dinner table and said felt better. He was very upset about these Garbage American Electric Cars.

Maybe if they built a good electric car they would sell???

4)  Drug companies are helping doctors to diagnose cancer when there is none - putting the American Public through total Hell.

5) These loyal to P”ISIS” (CIA) are now recommending the poisoning of food on grocery store shelves using Cyanide.

This is one reason we sponsor the food companies we do on You Tube’s William Mount Cooking.

6) Fish in the Great Lakes are loaded with Anti-Depressants.

7) In a Ta Da Trump Moment- the Supreme Court has upheld the President’s ban on Illegal Immigration - it’s Illegal.

8) Finally - they are fighting for food in the Hurricane Ravaged areas.




In Texas and Florida we are seeing fighting for what little food remains

Due to State Road Closures it may take several weeks to restock grocery store shelves.

Please - order food today - do not go hungry.

You may have this food ordered by going to:

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But deliveries here may be a little slower as the are very popular.

You are an American - do NOT go hungry.

All our profits go into helping people eat in America and In a little orphanage in Mexico. Soon one of the “Orphans” will graduate from college and begin working to help this little orphanage.

Also - Yesterday we trained a young contractor on how to do a job so he will never be without an income - very important since he is about to get married.

You - when you watch this video and buy these products YOU are training these folks to be self sufficient.

All the need is a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.


Please pray that we can keep feeding folks across America and our channel remains in tact.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


US Explodes After Russian Company Closes “CIA Backdoor” Embedded In All Microsoft Software

Current Solar Data: NOAA data

Black site - Wikipedia

Daimler Hints That Electric-Vehicle Sales Would Collapse Without Subsidies | Zero Hedge

Drug company created massive network of fake cancer patients to sell lucrative prescriptions while bribing doctors –

ISIS terrorists urged to start poisoning grocery food across America with deadly cyanide –

Great Lakes fish found heavily contaminated with antidepressant drug chemicals –

Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water –


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