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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Gates Of Hades Have Been Opened


The world is now under full attack by these Elite Satanists, Lucifarians. Remember - Lucifer hates life itself.

Here in America and Japan - the two nations the Defense Contractor said must have their populations reduced by 90% by the year 2020 - seem to be under the greatest assault.

Please keep in mind that the Rothchilds (Red Children - Children of Satan)  have pulled their investments out of North America and Japan several months ago. When they pulled out of Oil the markets crashed. So - here we go again…..

You do the math.

Let’s focus on North America for now.

It appears we are being hit with Rapid Fire Hurricanes.

Harvey, Irma (Winds Topping 218MPH) and now Jose (Winds Currently Topping 122MPH).

And it you notice - another baby Hurricane looks like it is headed towards Texas - again.

Irma’s course will soon take an 80* turn to the North (Not Natural) and is expected to destroy mush of the Eastern USA.

Hurricane Jose is expected to build and also hit the North Eastern USA.

Winds topping 212 MPH will absolutely destroy the entire infrastructure and leave millions homeless.

Even if one has Hurricane or Flood insurance - do not expect to be paid as the pot of money is gone - all spent on Health Care.

Benjamin Fulford speculated that these disasters are being created world wide to bring in the New Gold Backed Money.

This is more devious that that.

Lucifer hates life itself.

The island of Barbuda alone had 90% of it’s buildings destroyed by these 185MPH winds.

Very little will remain of the US East coast unless the President orders the Hurricane’s redirected.

Not letting any Good Disaster go to waste - the Governor of the Virgin Islands has ordered all weapons - and anything else the deem necessary - to be seized permanently.

The Virgin Islands Governor is a Territory of the United States and Subject to he Bill of Rights.

The Governor of the Virgin Islands is appointed by the President of the United States.


It is not just Hurricanes - but wild fires as well raging across the globe - driving people into the very cities that will be destroyed by these Hurricanes.

Fires are also raging across the Western United States as cool air from the Ocean is being blocked form moving inland to put these fires out.

Across the globe these fires are now being set - from Spain, to Russia, Greece and  Portugal - across the globe.

This is a real fight against these powers of Darkness and we have been complacent far too long wowed by the marvels of the Television and Walmarts.



1) Millions of pounds of Toxic Waste was dumped in Missouri - 13 million to be exact.

They were told that this Toxic Waster would be mixed with Cement to dispose of it - so now it sits in Missouri waiting for the winter rains to wash it into the Mississippi River.

2) Amazon (CIA) is still planning to build another $5 Billion Dollar facility on North America.

3) Our friends from an organization that rhymes with Pisis (ISIS = CIA) is now recommending food in America and Europe be poisoned.

Be ready folks - buy food NOW - from the companies we sponsor on William Mount Cooing.

4) Europe now has millions of eggs that were purposely poisoned by the feed the growers fed the chickens and it is effecting 40 different nations.

So the poisoning of the food has begun.

5) The Frazzled Rat’s  (Who is that woman - it ain’t her) pastor wrote a book and it can’t be sold because the contents were stolen form other books.

6) The DC Clown Show: As Illegal Welfare of Illegal Aliens is cu t the left is screaming like rats being hit with brooms.

7) Finally - as the GMO foods make North Americans fatter and fatter - over 70% of all High School Kids do not meet US Army Standards - they are too fat.

What is funny - is I meet US Army Weight Standards.

Isn’t that sad???




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Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

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Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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