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Monday, December 12, 2016

Alert - Election In Jeopardy


VIDEO:   Alert - Election In Jeopardy - YouTube

Tomorrow all 50 states must make their final decisions in any controversies over the appointment of their electors. If an elector votes against this he or she must go to jail - is a felony conviction.

Since every state has already certified their elections one wound think this is all done, right?

Then on December 19th the Elector’s actually vote. Those who change their vote will be conducting a Felony and may loose everything they have and go to jail.

Not so.

Apparently sections of the CIA - led by their Human Sacrificing Director John O’Brennan - worked for Bush, now works for Obama - no change - is now trying to use his Agency to clog the courts and threaten Electors into voting for Hillary.

First: They demanded a Recount. Unfortunately for him every recount is showing hundreds of thousands of vote were fake for Hillary.

Second - They are blaming the Russians for tampering with the elections by releasing tens of thousands of emails that should leave both Hillary and O’Brennen up for the Death Penalty.

So now the FBI is preparing to Battle with this Rogue Element of the CIA by activating it’s 14 SWAT Teams and sending most of them to MacDill Air Force Base in Florida and are now placed under the Joint Command Structure with the US Army Joint Special Forces Command - Special Forces for us laymen.

General John Mattis (Trumps Choice For Secretary Of State) will now take command and he is personally tired of seeing US Soldiers come back in body bags - killed by CIA Paid Terrorists in the Middle East.

As for the claim that Russia interfered with US Elections

a) First - the United Nations clearly stated Wikileaks is as Chinese Owned Corporation - but if Hillary criticizes China she looses out on a Huge part of her support world wide and she has already promised China the Philippines and Japan for supporting her as we saw in a previous video we did about 2 months ago.

b) Second - UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan - an very mineral rich nation - stated that he knows the people who released the Emails and he is not connected to the Russians.

c) John Bolton - Former US Inc Ambassador to the United Nations - clearly states that the assertion from the Satanic Nazi Hillary is ridiculous.

d) The FBI Director clearly stated that there is no evidence that Russia hacked our election system.

e) The Late George Soros and his associates owned the Diebold Voting Machines in almost every state - and yet it still came out in favor of Trump.

So here we go again - except - we believe this fight is a real one and what is at state is the survival of Planet Earth.

President Franklin D Roosevelt: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

President John F Kennedy tried to put an end to CIA meddling in US Elections and was killed for it.

You see - the Hatch Act of 1939, amended in 1940, prevents any Governmental Agency from interfering with any US Election - this includes the later created CIA. President Kennedy was merely trying to enforce Federal Law.

So sit back and watch the fireworks.


Previous Presidential Election Shinanigans

1992: We watched Dan Rather begin election coverage and in the background were the Predicted Election Results at 6AM Pacific Standard Time. At midnight the Election Results were the same - not one number ever changed.

1996: Same thing.

2000: The George Bush Win using the US Supreme Court - of course - the Number of Dead People voting for Al Gore numbered over 3 Million nation wide. Kind of like when Kennedy stole the election from Nixon with dead votes in Chicago???

2012: At 9PM Western Time Mitt Romney was ahead of Obama 55% to 45%. The Commercial Breaks occurred and in 5 minutes the results were 45% Mitt Romney to 55% Obama. Within 10 minutes Mitt Romney conceded defeat. The Chinese contacted me and told me why they changed the election results Mitt wanted Nuclear War.

2016 - The Satanic NAZI CIA Leaders and Democrats are trying to steal the election and are pitted up against our military and the FBI. Keep in mind that despite US Senator Reigel’s reports in 1992 and 1994, and despite Emials condemning Hillary for Fraud and mass murder the FBI refused to arrest Hillary.

Now they are against Hillary???

So now the New World Order - Rothchilds and the 13 Banking Families - must make a Spectacle out of our elections - threatening the US With Earthquakes, killing Presidential Elect Donald Trump, destroying the Stock Market… blaa, blaa, blaa.

Unfortunately the threats against Trump (And his double) are real and this may actually be a real fight.

Typical Satanic Stuff - keep the masses in fear and terror.

We - the LITTLE PEOPLE - will see what happens.

Please pray that these Satanic Evil Plans are neutralized immediately.

Please also pray that your family is ready for what is coming.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount







A note to Trump and his staff: you have a CIA mole on your staff but I live in an area where I cannot get a fix on him. It is a him. Use an Ultraviolet Light and Infra Red Light to look for hidden tattoos - especially if they look like a Bar Code - especially on the back of the neck. He may be allergic to a fairly common food.



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