Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Demon-Rats Evil Ensures Trump's Re-Election

Project Veritas Exposes Demon-Rats Evil

In yet another Project Veritas Exposure Bernie Sanders Workers expose what their Evil Plans are

1) If Bernie Is Not Nominated In The Democratic Party We Will Burn Milwaukee

2) We Will Go After The Police

3) We Will make 1978 Look Like A Girl Scout Camp

4) If Bernie Is Not Elected President We Will Burn American Cities

5) AS President He Will Order Re-Education for All Conservatives In Re-education Camps

6) Gulags were Not So bad - they Got Paid A Living Wage, Had Conjugal Visits

Not Only are they evil to the core, they are - from what we saw in the video - uneducated Stupid Slobs --- In Other Words - Demon Possessed

this Amount of Evil should ensure Bernie Sanders - even after after 2 Heart Attacks and 2 Strokes - should be the Top Democratic Presidential Candidate

However - there is always the Election Fraud the Parties are so famous for

After All - In 2016 Hillary could draw 20 people in a rally - Bernie 1,000 and (Trump Over 50,000 voters) and Hillary won the Democrat's Nomination through Voter Fraud.

Further - the NYT Has Written a Fake Story claiming the Russian GRU exposed what was going on at Burisma Oil - the Lies Biden was telling, the IRS Tax Fraud he and his son and Pelosi's son committed through Barisma

Yet Not One arrest

And all Nancy Pelosi (1,2,3,& 4) can talk about is a 3rd Impeachment based on the Law Enforcement agencies digging up Felonies committed by Biden, Pelosi, Shummer, Schift, and many other Democrats

So all President Trump needs to do is watch the Democrats Implode across the nation, and Hopefully deal with Federal, State, County and City Election Fraud in November 2020

If President trump does decide to deal with the Election Fraud - and that is one big "IF"

Pray for President Trump's safety

Video:  (73) Democrat's Evil Ensures Trump's Re -Election - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

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