Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Economic Alert - Elites Attempting To Crash Markets Globally

This morning the Elites put out a call on many loans and are trying to crash the markets Globally

Watching in Horror these same  Financial Managing Elites are watching in Great Horror as the Demon-Possessed Demon-Rats try to do anything to remove Donald Trump from power - Form a Financial Crisis, to assassination Attempts.

How this will end time will tell

If trump follows GOD - Well - it will end well

Otherwise -- we can expect the same thing just to drag on month after more and more people loose their jobs

Already Homeless Populations are beginning to Spike and this can no longer be hidden from WE THE PEOPLE

So many people loosing their homes jobs - so many ---

You can see it on Zillow

You can see it in your neighborhoods

More On Our VIDEO: (266) Economy Alert - Elites Trying To Crash Economy Globally - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

As Powell has announced Byper Inflation to be set in this month

Do we not think converting your assets to Gold.Silver is a good idea?

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