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Monday, February 15, 2016

THE PLAN To Destroy The United Statee

This video describes what THE PLAN is to destroy the United States and create a Full Scale Nuclear War.

Destroy a Nation by destroying it's Morals. The economy will follow.

THE PLAN To Destroy The United States - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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  1. 1) And their sons will turn away from their fathers; the fathers will lament the loss of their sons; but these things are to come to pass in those days, and they cannot be prevented. The wicked will persecute the just, and the just will have no rest for even in their flight, they will not escape the sword. A dark and loathsome spirit of hatred sweeps the land, and awakens in the reprobate his hatred for all that is good, for do not the scriptures tell us, they will call good an evil, and all evil, that which is desired? These fallen ones infect the minds, and then turn the hearts, away from God, so it is their hatred for God which drives them to persecution of the just. Their sword will be upon their necks, and their blood will be upon the ground. It will cry out to heaven for vengeance, but heaven will not hear, for these things are to come to pass and there is no respite until the final day of judgment. Wait ye therefore, patiently, on the Lord of Hosts. A mighty sword is in his hand, in his right hand he grips the sword of judgment that will divide the peoples, and divide the land to the left and the right, and not one will withstand the awefull and mighty day of the Lord.
    2) Render a Just Government to the Just. An unrighteous people begets an unjust government.
    Let them who are righteous demand and promulgate a just government, but ye who are unrighteous, neither shall ye demand, nor shall ye receive a government fair and true; repentance before the Lord of Hosts shall precede the appearance of just government, for where there is iniquity, so shall there be suffering and oppression. They go together, like the stumble and fall.
    God will bless no unholy things. These are an abomination, and a rebellion to the order of all things. And, God will remove blessing from that which has been corrupted; no blessing will continue where the Lord has been forsaken, the Word of God erased from the hearts of men. Therefore, Seek first the order and wisdom of God, whereupon the just government you long for will be added unto you, but not before.
    3) All look with hopeful eyes upon the works of these men of the world. Behold, they announce unto us, peace be upon the land! Let the fighting and bloodshed continue no more! And these are welcome words in our ears for so long have we suffered in anguish the oppression and persecution of our brothers. But recall the holy word of scripture, for we have been warned, Beware of those who proclaim Peace, for there is no peace! They will deceive many, and draw the hapless into the trap with them. Truly it is a bitter word, to promise peace and an end to fighting, only to yank it back, in a treacherous betrayal that is worse than before it. When there is peace, God will proclaim it. Men proclaiming peace should not be believed for there is wickedness and treachery in their hearts!