Tuesday, August 14, 2018

American Health Care In Crisis



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For the last several years the average age of Americans has been declining.

In 1960 there were 15 Million Retired people living on Social Security

Today there are 15 Million Retired people living on Social Security

The numbers have not changed in 60 years.

In 1960 the yearly sending per person in  Health Care Costs was around $100 Per Person Per Year

Today these costs have risen to over $15,000 per person per year.

Despite this increase in spending  not only are Americans sicker but we are now dying younger.

In 1946 we developed The Cure For Cancer at Hiroshima in the US Army and published it.

In 1960 - after the Prestitutes suppressed this the average survival rate focr cancer was 5% over 10 years.

In 2018 we see the same survival rate despite a 98% increase in costs.


So if you get cancer, for example, you are worth around $500,000 to the doctor who diagnosed you.


What this means is that America is now spending $3.5 Trillion per year on health care costs - or about 20% of our entire Gross Domestic Product.

If you are over 60 you have an 80% chance of filing for bankruptcy due to medical costs.

That means that our medical system is sucking more and more money out of all of us and for what?

So they can push their drugs to test on us and make us sicker and sicker


Don’t think because you served your country and are now a Veteran you are safe.

After spending over 100 hours on the phone with the VA over the last year they have openly stated they do not care for the Physically Disabled Vets.

Today we have a nurse, a doctor and myself arguing with the VA Pharmacy in Seattle on whether we get the Blue Inhaler or the Red Inhaler.

Our medical system is beyond broken.


Our health care is our responsibility.

Our system has reached the point of

Et Ultimatum Rediculatum

The Ultimate Rediculousness

We need to take steps now so we do not get sick in the future, go bankrupt and hit the poor house.

Homelessness is not an option as only 1 in 4 get low income housing.

We have Ronnie Mullen on to help us navigate us through this entire mess.

Ronnie - Welcome

Our viewers love having you on  - they really do.

The phone calls I get are incredible.

Ronnie - Help


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