Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dragon Family Now Runs The IMF

It is official - the Dragon family now controls the IMF, Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Bank, and the overall Bank of International Settlements. This means they necessarily own hte US COrporation and US DOD and the UN.

General Ham may also now be running the New Republic and the US COrporate Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Staff)  may soon be replaced.

Time will tell.

(Please Pray - Visualize - that the Evil on this planet is ejected immediately and that there are Gentle, Continual rains in the American South West and that those Fracking with Chemicals and those manufacturing GMO Foods are immediately are immobilized permanently while on, or near, Planet Earth.)

As a result of these take overs there may be some huge changes coming.

First Story: "Fed Set To Finally Get Out Of Market.'" This means that h\the $300 Trillion Dollars the US Corporation owns in Stock and Bonds will be liquidated to pay back those they owe and to put this nation back into order.
Second: The $76.5 Trillion DOllars and $2 Trillion Dollars I identified as stolen from the US Treasury will be put back into the US Corporate Treasury.
Third - Quantitative Easing - "QE To Infininty" ends Immediately. This may mean major bank failures and a down sizing of the US Stock Markets fairly quickly.
Fourth - it this take over is a reality - the US Marines on the ground in Syria ends and they go home.

Stories that lie like the following should end: "Rogers Can't Rule Out Boots On The Ground In Syria.'

How dare Rogers lie like that purposely.
Fifth - the Obama Administration is no longer blaming Bush for his errors but now he is blaming the Chinese - the Little WImpy Gay COward. Here is the story: Stock Market Threatened Collapse in Chinese Consumer Demand.

In other words - since the Chinese are not buying Chinese the America Stock Market will fail.

If you add up the entire Brain Power of this Gay Liberal White House and they still could not tell you which way is up.
Sixth - the US Corporation may stop sending another 35,000 troops to Iraq, 10,000 troops to Africa and another 20,000 troops the Afghanistan to bolster US Weapons Sales to locals the US COrporation gives Millions of Dollars of US Cash to on a monthly basis. They really want war in hths region on the boarders of China and Russia.
Seventh - Next week the US will send more weapons into Dagastan (Russia)  just like they did a few years ago. Be ready Puitn. These US Arms Dealers will stop at nothing to start a Huge war. Kick off date seems likely around the next Obama Assassination Attempt - 7 November.

Eight - Western Bankstas will continue to fall out of windows, off bridges, shoot themselves 30 times in the back with a bow committing suicide, etc. If the Chinese Dragon Family does not comply with GOD their Bankstas will also fall like Chaff. GOD does not care who you are - just do as HE says.

Nine - US Welfare may come to a screeching halt. The US only needs to pay (Contractually) retired soldiers, physically Disable Soldiers, Retired Folks on Social Security, and those on Social Security Physically Disabled as a result of a Work Related injury. All else is to be terminated nad not contractually needed to be paid.

Ten - The Mars Bases of the US Corporation are now terminated and what is left is controlled. I am told that on the next Full Moon the US Corporate moon Bases will surrender of die. Then comes Planet Earth.

Eleven - there is Panic among the US Fund Managers as no one undrestand what is coming. Expect huge uneasyness in the funds.

Twelve - As the IMF Owned DOD is returned to the US, and the Republic is rebuilt, there will be certain threats to the world to start WW3. This will be tough to control due to the large number of US Rogue Nuclear Weapons and other non-detectable weapons.

Good luck Dragon Family. Without GOD's Help China may become a huge hole, Not kidding.

Thirteen - the Dragon Family feels it acted Prematurely in seizing the IMF and other Banking Assets but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is tired of your Lolly Gagging while people die protecting this planet. Now, since you control all of this, GOD will expect YOU to meet the 12 June deadline or face the same consequences as the Western Bankers.

In other words - do it GOD's way or die.

Ascended Masters, Great White Brother Hood, Shamballa or whatever else you want to call yourself today - may GOD remind you that we are ALL just one breath Away from Eternity.

MMy job apparently has been to stop the Rothchilds form killing major politicians and starting a Major Nuclear War. Thanks to the help of thousands of people around the world these events have not happened.

May I highly suggest Dragon Family that you act in a wise and equitable fashion and you do it GOD's Way - the consequences for dishonoring GOD will be swift and severe.


Yesterday I was asked by the BOSS - what card in a deck of cards is the least important if you wish to win at Solitaire?

Is the King of Hearts more important than the 2 of Clubs?

Is the 3 of Diamonds more important than the 5 of Spades?

They are all just as important, arn't they?

So may GOD suggest you not leave HIM out of this equation.

The Living GOD is now showing himself to the leaders of the Dragon Family and those in Shamballa.

It is YOUR head on the chopping block when things go wrong because you did not listen to GOD.

Dragon Family: You were allowed to take control because the other bankers were very evil. Do not make the same mistake.

Look up - GOD is still in charge. Look at the sun and feel the ground under your feet.


IRIS Earth Quake Map
Enough -

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


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  1. Didn't care for the homophobic slurs or the religious overtones but love the info! Much appreciated :) much love to you all.